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Recycling Music

TONITY is a music platform with unreleased songs that anyone can use to create new music.

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Filter and search for unreleased music from musicians all over the world.

Filter on Genre, Bpm, Key & Vibe.
tracks & stems
Add your vocals to tracks or download the stems and import them to your music software and start creating.
Pro Tip! Enjoy 90 days free trial of Logic Pro X
Release Your New Song
Before you release your new songs created using music from Tonity you need to clear it with us first.
Upload new song
Select stems
Submit for review
Approved for release!

Royalty Share

Depending on how much is being sampled you share different percentage of future royalties.

Max Split is 50/50. No matter how many stems you use you always own at least 50% royalties in your new song.
Sample Time per Stem
≤ 2 sec
= 1%
≤ 15 sec
= 4%
≤ 60 sec
= 8%
60+ sec
= 10%
Get Paid
& Get Royalties
Upload music that’s dusting away in your hardrive and give it new life and purpose.
When people download your projects you get paid by Tonity.
Choose the plan that fits you.
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Listen to 30 sec of projects
Unlimited Uploads
Limited Studio Access
4 hours of private storage
No downloads
9 €
Listen to full length projects
Unlimited Uploads
Full Studio Access
Unlimited Private Storage
Unlimited Downloads
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